Oliv'all a genuine and welcoming space for olive oil lovers

Oliv'all is a traditional store with a tasting room fully dedicated to Portuguese olive oil.
Award winning olive oils each with its own unique taste and character. At Oliv’all you can also find olives, olive paste, salts & seasonings, canned delicacies, and other high-quality products.
With a genuine and welcoming style, tastings and sales are always personalized and tailored to each need, preferences, and experience.

At Oliv'all, we are committed to quality. We greatly value a strong relationship with passionate producers who care for their olive groves and oils from harvesting to mill.
Some producers have traditional olive groves, while others have centuries-old olive trees alongside with the new ones and a combination of innovative technologies and the best agriculture practices.
There are many different varieties of olive oils to choose from, with different fruitiness levels, from green to ripe, from light to intense, single varietal, varietal blends and naturally flavored olive oils. We offer a wide range of olive oils to suits you best!

"Olive oil tasting experience…a journey for your senses"

Tasting olive oil an experience that connect us with the land, our roots and cultural identity.
Olive oil is a product of excellence in the Mediterranean diet and a new pleasure waiting to be discovered.